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    Mr Woodley Book: My Introduction

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  • Mr Woodley's grave at St Nicholas Church, Beedon.

    Mr Woodley: Towards the End

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  • Purple Gladstone Bag Tag

    John Walton’s visit to Mr Woodley’s Home Apiary (Worlds End)

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  • Old Boy on Chair Square

    The Stanmore Apiary, Droughts and Peasemore AL/499

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  • Mr Woodley Advertises Tie Over Jars

    Mr Woodley on Buzzi-ness: Bee-Vigilant!

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  • This the copy of this found I have found to day (British Bee-keepers Journal Jan 1897).

    Mr Woodley on Buzzi-ness: “Don’t put all your eggs into a bee-hive”

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  • 1906 bbj - home made bee wagon

    Sending Goods from A to Bee Via the Railway

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  • 1962 - Last Day for Passenger Traffic.

    1962 – Closing of the Didcot Newbury Railway to Passenger Traffic

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  • The northern elevation of Crossing Cottage from 2014 (left) to 1905 (right) with Mr Dyer and his hives!

    Compton Crossing Revisited

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  • 1898 Percy Wilkins p304

    Have I Found Percy’s Apiary???

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  • 1905 David Scot from Kincardine

    Old-Timer from Kincardine

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  • Beebole at Abbot's House, Dunfermline, Scotland

    There’s A Bole In The Wall

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    On The Trail of Mr Woodley: Skeps and Skeppists

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  • 1978.  This is the barn (see 3) associated with Worlds End Farmhouse (see 2).  Worlds End Farmhouse is just behind the barn.  The barn has subsequently been pulled down.  In the background, the white building is the Coach and Horses Pub (now called the 'Coach').

    On The Trail of Mr Woodley: The Barn

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  • The Front Door of Garden Cottage

    “Hello, is Mr Woodley at home?”

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