One hive quieter than the other.

Bees coming home; in the air

Bees coming home; in the air

On my last post, one of my hives (sh03) had been blown over.  I made a visit to my apiary this Wednesday.   I checked SH03 and bees were coming in and out of the hive and some bees were bringing back pollen.  I had a brief look inside the top of the hive to see if they had taken down the fondant and they hadn’t taken down much.  This hive is still a little bit of a cause for concern.

The other hive (sh02) was going great guns.  There are plenty of bees flying in and out of this hive and certainly more activity than SH03.  Also the bees are bringing back pollen; mainly bright yellow but also white pollen.  I checked SH02′s fondant and it is empty.  I  hazard a guess the queen is laying well in this hive :).

I won’t check the hives thoroughly until the weather improves and hopefully this will be April.

The photos in this post are of SH02.

At the entrace; bees coming home with pollen sacks

At the entrace; bees coming home with pollen sacks full




My Hive Blew-Over

My Hive Blew-OverThe Monday morning after the weekend’s storms about two weeks ago, I received a phone call. It was the farmer upon whose land my hive sits. He rang to tell me that my hive was upside-down and he could see bees and comb. I dropped everything, and rushed to my apiary on a mercy mission to rescue the bees.

When I got to my apiary the up-ended hive did show signs of life. I opened the crown board and the several bees come-up and at me. I suffered a sting to my ear before even had a chance to run to cover.

I shortly returned to the hive but his time with my bee-suit. I carefully re-assembled the hive back on the stand. Luckily, it was a very mild February morning and I don’t think the hive lost too much heat.

At this point in time I have no idea whether the hive is queen-right. Fingers-crossed that all will be well with this colony of bees in the spring.


Up-Ended Hive

Rosemary Honeysoap

Honeysoap, homemade soap, daisy, beeswax

This is honeysoap which is fragranced with Rosemary essential oil.   This is handmade soap which I made using my honey and beeswax.

Now selling at the shop ‘Spoilt Silly’, Wantage


Fondant and Matchsticks: Bee Hive Winter Preparations

Tub with fondant sitting on crown board.

Tub with fondant sitting on crown board.

This blog takes the reader through using Ambrosia fondant as a winter feed.  The blog briefly looks at ventilation with matchsticks. Continue reading ‘Fondant and Matchsticks: Bee Hive Winter Preparations’

Keeping Chickens: Housing Requirements?

I have been kicking around the idea of keeping chickens.  I am thinking of building some form of chicken housing.  What I have been researching what are the critical housing requirements that chicken have.  I don’t have all the answers yet and I am hoping through the power of blogging that visitors to this site my contribute with ideas and first-hand experiences.

UPDATE 23/9/2012 – have made some updates based on comments received and research made.

Continue reading ‘Keeping Chickens: Housing Requirements?’

Varroa Mite Control Part 3: Second Tin of Apiguard

4. Bees busy on the newly made comb. This was a surprise (although it shouldn’t have been) the bees were building comb between the crown board and the top of the frame. This was because of the gap created by the eke.

After two weeks since the first tin of apiguard was placed in the hive, it is time to put in the second tin. Continue reading ‘Varroa Mite Control Part 3: Second Tin of Apiguard’

Rapid Feeder: Human Error

Continue reading ‘Rapid Feeder: Human Error’


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